Help - Brixham Walks


Brixham Walks is a website showcasing the heritage and sights of Brixham via a series of walks that you can carry out at your leisure. The site has been designed to work using a mobile phone and uses your phone's location to position you on the map. It should work well on all modern mobile phones with an internet connection. If you have any problems please feel free to contact us at Nautoguide Support and we will do our very best to help you.


Using the site for the first time


The first time you navigate to the site you will be asked for permission to share your location. If you say "Allow" to this request then your location will be displayed upon the route maps and it will make navigation easier. Please rest assured that we do not store any information about you personally or your location. The site will also work with location sharing disabled.


Brixham Walks needs an internet connection to work and it is important that you have mobile data turned on. Be aware that viewing video content and playing audio clips will use up to 10Mb of data per play so use these features at your discretion.


Navigate to the front page of the site and choose the walk that you would like to do. All of the walks are designed to be circular with the start and finish in Brixham Town centre. Each walk has a variety of options for you to follow. If you decide to complete them all we would love to hear from you!


Navigating a Walk


After you have chosen your walk you will see a page with a set of directions and a map, similar to that below:-




At the top left hand side of the map is an icon that you can use to turn your location on and off. You can zoom in and out using the +/- icons and pan the map by using your fingers


A set of instructions are shown below the map. These show the start and end of the route and the directions to guide you. Tap on a direction to locate it on the map.


Your route is shown as a line on the map. We recommend you follow this to get the best experience out of the walk but if you feel the need to take a diversion then do it! There is so much to see in Brixham


Viewing the steps


As you travel along the route you will encounter the Steps. These are marked separately and you can view information about them by pressing the information icon. Each step has photos, descriptions and a narrative from local residents. You can listen to this narrative by tapping the audio link. Maybe you have something to tell us about the steps? If so, feel free to add your own comment using the comment form at the bottom of the step information display. Your comment will be viewed by a site moderator who will decide whether or not it should be added to the story.