About - Brixham Arts & Theatre Society (BATS)


The Company Mission is to support and encourage artistic endeavour in the Brixham peninsula.




- Encouraging existing artistic groups
- Supporting new artistic ventures
- Promoting artistic aspirations
- Developing artistic opportunities for all generations
- Creating arts, theatre and community hubs in Brixham


BATS operates on a purely voluntary basis, by the BATS Members. All surplus funds are used to enhance specific artistic projects that advance the arts and culture in Brixham and the surrounding area.


BATS managed Brixham Theatre from September 2013 to May 2018, when the ever-increasing overheads, including a 50% increase in rent, and diminishing hirings, made the theatre unviable and the BATS Board handed back the lease under the break clause.


The commissioning of 'The Brixham Beacon', a sculptural artwork to replace the old beacon fire basket on Berry Head. It is now based at Lupton House and available for future community beacon celebrations.


Organising the  ‘Battle’s Over’ commemoration of the 100 years since the ending of WW1, held at Shoalstone Pool on Sunday 11 November 2018,


Supporting the establishment of The Spark Creative Studio in Metherell Avenue, Brixham, where participatory arts for all ages take place.


Creation of a recycled art project, 'The Doves of Peace', from plastic milk bottles for display across the town for the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in June 2022


Commissioning 'The Embarkation Mural' artwork on Berry Head Road to bring together the various separate elements of commemoration of the embarkation of the American troops for both Exercise Tiger and Operation Overlord in the Second World War and establishing a war memorial garden.


Researching and commissioning an interactive website on 'brixhamwalks.org' with routes encompassing different themes across the town, starting with 'The Steps of Brixham'.